Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mimosa blooms

I have really been enjoying this mimosa tree that is blooming in the woods behind my house. It's kind of far away though, so I decided to zoom in on some of the pretty pink blossoms with my camera. This particular shot shows blooms that have already wilted underneath some that are in full bloom with a few future blooms just above them. I know this is an considered an invasive plant, but I still love it.

Update on the healing progress of my leg fracture: I'm walking pretty well, but my physical therapist still has me pushing my walker along in front of me until I get more steady on my feet and also to avoid any more falls. The exercises he is having me do take up a good portion of my day, but I am determined to keep at it until I am at full speed again since I have some fun plans for the summer with my kids and grandkids.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Theme Day: Laugh!

I had to go back about six years to find this photo of my two oldest grandkids for this month's theme day. I'm not sure what was so funny at the time, but it sure got a big laugh which is this month's theme. Visit the City Daily Photo Theme Day gallery here to see other participants' interpretations of the theme.

Update on my broken leg recovery: I'm walking around pretty well, but I still need my walker for balance and I'm a little scared of falling down again. I start physical therapy tomorrow, so I hope they can help me gain my confidence back and start walking on my own. I started driving my car again last week and it felt fantastic!