Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Azaleas

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I couldn't resist one more picture of azaleas!


Leeds daily photo said...

Very pretty flowers, most of ours have yet to come.
As you can see I gave in and put a pic on my blogger account.
Paul Leeds Photo Daily

Unknown said...

Lovely shot, Lois!

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Lois,
Many thanks! I do love Azaleas! It always reminds me my mommy's house! There are several azaleas at the fence and it is wonderful in spring time!
Fantastic picture!
Kind Regards

"A bit of fragrance always remains in the hands of who offers flowers"
(Chinese proverb)

Unknown said...

I don't blame you, they are so beautiful!

B SQUARED said...

We don't see many down here any more. I don't think they survive too well. They only seem to last a year or two.

Lowell said...

That's amazing...ours are almost all gone and certainly don't have the standout color and essence anymore.

Great shot!

~Cheryl said...

Glad you gave in and posted it! Can't wait for our spring bushes to "get crackin'!"

Bergson said...

it's the day of flower
here it's raining