Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Closer Look

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I took a closer look at the renovation of the old house I posted a picture of here. This is a better view of the detail at the top of the columns on the front porch.


Cezar and Léia said...

These columns are magnificent!I bet the final result will be fantastic!
Thanks for the update!
Kind Regards

Janet said...

It's a beauty for sure. Love those columns

B SQUARED said...

Looks Corinthian. Probably made of foam and will outlast the house.

Julie said...

the columns are magnificent. I am glad you enjoyed the Chihuly Saffron Tower on my site for theme day. I have a daytime photo of the Saffron Tower up today. Thanks for your comments.

Lisa Wilson said...

The swirly designs remind me of cinnamon rolls.