Saturday, March 28, 2009

City Hall

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The Florida Legislature is in session right now and the Tallahassee City Hall sits right next to the Capitol complex downtown. This is the sign over the main entrance welcoming lawmakers to town for the session.


Unknown said...

We are just praying that they spend there time here wisely!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Dear Lois!
I loved the architecture in this building!The "welcoming words"is a plus in this picture!You capture a perfect shot!
You know...I would like to work in this place!
Have a great Sunday!
A big kiss to Gracie!
Léia :-)

Unknown said...

As you may know all City Hall buildings around here are old, so it is quite interesting (and strange at the same time) to see a modern one. Very cool!

Julie said...

it is good to see all of the city halls in each city. we should probably have a city hall photo day to see the different architecture and styles. I am sorry to hear about the hummingbird. It is always hard when this happens. Also, I am glad you enjoyed the Scottsdale Art Walk photos on my site. I am back to cactus today!

Lisa Wilson said...

Darla has a good comment! Nice building, too.

Lowell said...

Very nice city hall. The welcome is somewhat ironic, though. In some communities they'd try to run the legislatures out of town!

I guess they bring in big bucks, heh?