Friday, February 13, 2009


A view of downtown Tallahassee along Monroe Street which is the main street running north and south through the city. Click to enlarge and at the far left, you can see the old Capitol Building dome with it's flags on top. Peeking over the buildings just left of the center of the picture you can see the new Capitol Building, which stands directly behind the old Capitol. When I first moved here back in 1971 to attend FSU, these buildings along Monroe Street were stores where you could go shopping. Now they are office buildings and all of the stores have moved to the malls. The taller more colorful building to the right in the picture I think is an office building.


Lowell said...

You know, Lois, I've been through Tallahassee many times, but never right through on I-10. Sometimes we stay overnight or stop to eat, but hang close to the freeway.

We've heard you have a nice bike trail and plan to try that one of these days.

Arctic Dakini said...

Lois I love the aqua green colour on the high rise at the right!

penny said...

Beautiful shot of the downtown area, Lois. I have never been to Tallahassee but I would enjoy the journey to see it ;)