Wednesday, December 3, 2008


At one time, a series of arcades connected all dormitories and the infirmary to the dining facilities on the FSU campus. These arcades date back to when FSU was a women's college. It was possible to travel from one building to another without having to go outside during inclement weather. This arcade connected the rear wing of Reynolds Hall (the same building I showed you yesterday from the front) to the infirmary, but the rear part of the infirmary has since been torn down so the arcade goes nowhere. I'm glad they left it there because I have always loved these old arcades. My old dorm room is the second set of windows from the arcade on the second floor and I used to sit on my bed and look at it while I was studying. You can see another arcade behind it which connects Reynolds Hall to Jennie Murphree Hall, another old dormitory. Access to the roof of that arcade was from the top floor of the each building and we used to sit out there in the spring in our bathing suits to get an early start on our tans.

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magiceye said...

perfect ambiance for a campus!