Sunday, December 14, 2008

Antebellum Plantation

For the next few days on this blog, I will be taking you on a tour of Goodwood, an elaborate antebellum plantation located within the city of Tallahassee. Here is a picture of the front of the main house. Assembly of this estate was begun by Hardy Croom around 1830, and the main house was later completed by his brother Bryan Croom after Hardy was killed along with his family when their steamship sank on the way to Florida. There have been several owners of this property through the years. In 1912, it was remodelled and used as a quail hunting plantation and winter retreat. The plantation has since been restored to look as it did during the early 20th century. Unfortunately the day I visited, it was too late for me to take a tour of the inside of the house, so I might have to go back for that at a later date.


Hilda said...

It's lovely! I especially like the abundance of porches.

Tamera said...

Hardy Croom! You can't make up a name like that, it's sooooo southern! What a beautiful place. I can't imagine living in such an incredible mansion. It must be amazing inside too.

Tanya Breese said...

Gorgeous! When we lived in Georgia, we were driving out to Augusta and there was a beautiful plantation along the way. On our way back, we stopped to take a tour but it was closed by then and everyone had left. The grounds were wide open so we wandered around for a couple of hours. Had our cooler in the car so we had lunch on the big porch. We had the whole place to ourselves, it was even better than a tour!

Jill said...

Quite amazing how some of these old places have some tragedy in their history.

Lisa Wilson said...

I love that porch. I think a tour would be so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I hear there are lots and lots of old antebellum plantations in Tallahassee
I had wanted to tour them
I am so glad that you took these photos
I really feel like I am there
Great work and thanks for taking you time and efforts to share these stories and photos