Friday, January 16, 2009


This is the Florida Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Lake Ella. A Huey UH-1 helicopter and a stone marker stand lakeside in remembrance of the service countless men and women performed for our nation. Erected in honor of the courage and patriotism of the Florida Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict, the memorial bears the names of Florida veterans, each engraved on the Huey’s windows. New names are added each year on Memorial Day.


Mo said...

Where do the new veterans come from?

Paul said...

Hi Lois
It has been a long time since I went anywhere by helo, there was a time though. In the 70's I often travelled in military helicopters, sometimes daily.
A fitting memorial to those who served and those who never made it home.

Lois said...

From what I understand, the new names are added as the current Vietnam Veterans pass away each year. They are not new veterans, just veterans who pass away during that particular year.

Abraham Lincoln said...

We don't have a Huey Helicopter but have a giant canon from WWII days.

The helicopters did a lot of service from Korea onward and still are at it in Iraq where our granddaughter was at.

It is part of the grounds of our VFW post. We had to pay to have our names engraved in bricks for the patio around the area and on the walk. I guess it is OK.

Thanks for your visits to my blogs.I do so much appreciate it.

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Hilda said...

Oh goodness. Our military still uses UH-1s :(